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Last week, I was in Seminyak almost every day.  If it wasn’t to do errands or shopping, it was to have lunch.  On a windy Wednesday, I met up with the ladies for lunch at Queen’s Tandoor.  I had heard about the restaurant but had never been and looked forward to having a proper Indian curry.
We sat at one of the terrace tables and looked through the extensive menu of Indian classics finally opting to order several dishes to share family-style.  We started out with some crispy peppery papadums which came with some pickled onions, mango chutney and a coriander green chili chutney.  We started with vegetable samosas and a Masala Dosa – a crispy crepe filled with curried potatoes.  For our main courses, we shared the creamy classic butter chicken, Rogan Josh – a mild curry of mutton in masala, saffron and yoghurt and Aloo Gobhi Mutter, a vegetable dish of potatoes and cauliflower cooked in tomatoes, fresh coriander and spices accompanied by saffron-flavored Basmati rice and cheese nan.  The food was good and not too spicy.  We managed to polish of most of the dishes including the warm cheese bread.  Queen’s Tandoor is Bali’s best known Indian restaurant and is a good place to stop for lunch before or after some shopping in Seminyak. Perfect for those days when one gets a curry craving.
Jalan Raya Seminyak 73
(opposite Warung Made)
Seminyak, Kuta, Bali
Telephone:  +62 361 732 770
*Open daily for lunch and dinner.  They also deliver.
Another branch Queen’s India in Kuta

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