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Our last evening in Buenos Aires was spent with family at home and a typical Argentine Asado (barbecue meal) where it’s all about the lighting up the grill early then waiting patiently for the wood to burn then when the embers fly and the wood is white-hot, the grill is cranked up and the super hot wood chunks are pushed underneath before the grill is lowered again and the meat is cooked.  We always start with some sausages – always chorizo, sometimes morcilla (blood sausage) followed by several cuts of meat.  This time there were costillas de cerdo  (pork ribs), asado de tira (beef short ribs) and  bife de lomo (tenderloin)  plus baked potatoes.  Along with the meats, there are always several salads: cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm and corn, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, a mixed green salad, and shredded carrots with shredded beets.  Several plates of meat and bottles of Malbec later and the desserts were served: a strawberry mousse, a chocolate tart and brownies.  It was a beautiful spring evening with family and a great way to end our two-week holiday.
* The photo above is an Asado Argentino that we did at our home in Bali last year.  Again, it’s all about the grill and the wood used.  We had a makeshift grill propped up on the ground but we still used wood and did it the classic way.

2 thoughts on “Asado Argentino

  1. Chinot says:

    No-one does barbecue as well as the Argentinians…!


    1. You said it! The Argentine Asado is an all-meat grilling celebration.


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