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After two weeks in Buenos Aires, we arrived in Sydney for an overnight stay on our long way home to Bali.  First thing we did after checking into the hotel was to find a decent Asian restaurant nearby.  Luckily, a few blocks from our hotel there was Thai restaurant, Spice I Am.  The concierge highly recommended the restaurant but warned us that the place was nothing fancy, even better for us as we were jet lagged and hungry.
We walked in to a tiny open-air place with a few small round tables and stools.  When we arrived at around 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday, the place was pretty packed and we were lucky to snag a table right by the sidewalk.  Since we were starving, we ordered a whole load of dishes – so many that when they started coming, we couldn’t fit them all on our table and had to leave some on another stool nearby.
The menu is traditional Thai.  We had two orders of mini vegetable spring rolls with sweet chili dip, two orders of prawn Pad Thai, Thai fried rice with chicken, stir-fried crispy pork belly with basil and chili, stir-fried Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and some steamed jasmine rice along with tall glasses of refreshing lemon-iced tea.  Unsurprisingly, we managed to finish it all (there were 5 of us, 3 adults and 2 children).  The food came fast and was delicious.  Service was quick and efficient.  Everything was going well until we finished our dinner and found out that they didn’t accept credit cards!  Good thing there was an ATM nearby.  For our first taste of Thai in Sydney, we were impressed and this was the perfect meal especially after two weeks of non-Asian food in South America.
Spice I Am (Eat in and Takeaway)
90 Wentworth Avenue
(corner Campbell and Elizabeth Streets)
Surry Hills, Sydney
Telephone: +61 2 928 00 928
*Open Tuesdays to Sundays for lunch and dinner
*BYOB (bring your own bottle of wine) with no corkage

Another Spice I Am full-service restaurant in Darlinghurst plus a Thai street food restaurant called House in Surry Hills.

2 thoughts on “SPICE I AM

  1. Chinot says:

    Goodness me. Everything looks so delicious!


    1. It looks delicious and it certainly was delicious!


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