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Sushi Roku at the top floor of the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, is a good place to go for untraditional sushi.  Part of a southern California restaurant group that has several dining concepts in Hollywood and Santa Monica, Suhi Roku is a modern Californian take on Japanese food.  It’s a copy of Nobu but not as well-executed.  having said that, the food is okay – stick to the raw and the rolls as the cooked dishes don’t really impress.
We had some interesting appetizers – the edamame hummus with wonton chips and the Kumamoto oyster with three sauces.  There was also a perfectly executed sashimi platter – maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), toro (tuna belly) and uni (sea urchin).  The shrimp-wrapped spicy tuna roll was fine and the toro temaki (hand-rolled tuna belly sushi) was as good as it gets.  The cooked dishes were not as interesting – a Jidori free-range chicken teriyaki was a grilled chicken breast (not Japanese at all as the breast meat is often dry) which should have been made with chicken thighs, the baked cod in sweet miso was just that nothing more, nothing less, and the John Dory was just sauteed fish on roasted vegetables.  On the other hand, the Jidori chicken kara-age was delicious – crispy battered chicken thigh chunks which would have been perfect had they served it with the traditional soy dip instead of the wasabi mayonnaise.  We were all done with dinner when the management offered us a couple of desserts which was an unexpected surprise.  If you’re at the Forum shops, then by all means drop by Sushi Roku but remember to stick to the raw fish menu and you won’t go wrong.
at the Forum Shops, Caesars
3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas NV
Telephone: +1 702 733 7373
*Open daily for lunch and dinner

One thought on “SUSHI ROKU

  1. John Alton says:

    Very interesting my next Vegas visit am definitely gonna visit.


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