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After months of not signing in, I finally sat down today at my new desk in our new home, still in Dorado Beach, to explain why.  First, the kids are on their summer break which means that they’re at home 24/7 so there’s not much time to sit quietly and write.  Second, we went away for two weeks – first to Orlando (to the dreaded DisneyWorld) and then to Washington DC to go sightseeing and museum-hopping.  Finally, when we got back, we had one week to pack up our house and move to a ground floor apartment (we still have a large terrace and a garden – yay!).  This was much more difficult than when we just pack everything up and move to another country because there was lots more planning involved.  We ended up placing some furniture in storage along with lots of other things that we had to box up and put away as this place is smaller than the house we were in.  After a week of back-breaking work and unpacking, we are done and our new house can now be home once again.  So, I’ll be back with more posts on Orlando and Washington DC and a few more from Dorado Beach.  Happy Summer!

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