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PCasa GT Singapore, Ma Maison

My favorite tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore is Mandarin Gallery’s Ma Maison.  A franchise from Nagoya, Japan, this restaurant only serves several versions of its’ namesake tonkatsu (deep fried Panko breadcrumbed pork cutlet in 120gr., 180 gr. or 220 gr, portions) from the Japanese Kurobuta pork cutlet to the pork millefeuille (thin slices of pork layered into a cutlet). They even have Hungarian Mangalica pork and Iberico pork. There are also other deep-fried battered goodies – prawns, fish, oysters and chicken all served in a set with accompanying grated radish, soup, pickles, shredded cabbage and a choice of either white or brown rice. On the table are the usual accompaniments – sweet or spicy sauce for the tonkatsu, sesame seeds to grate into the sauce, soy sauce and sesame dressings for the salad and radish. The concept is simple – make your choice from the extra large menu with photos then wait for them to bring you your set menu tray. I always go for either the Rosukatsu 120 gram (pork loin) with brown rice and a side order of ebi katsu (deep fried prawn) and kaki katsu (deep-fried oyster). It’s a popular place so get in line early especially for dinner on weekends.

Ma Maison
02-36 Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard road
Telephone: +65 6733 4541
*Open daily for lunch from 11 to 3 p.m. and dinner from 5 to 10 p.m. No reservations but the queue moves quickly.

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