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When I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris years ago, I wanted to be a food critic. A decade and a half later, married and with one child, I still think about that and wish I could put my food experiences to some use. That’s when I thought about writing this diary of the unforgettable meals and gourmet discoveries I’ve had in the numerous places I’ve lived in – 7 countries so far and still counting.

I grew up in Manila and used to have a fine dining restaurant which was up and running for 6 years but has since closed. I have also lived in Paris, Napa Valley and Moscow.

I’ve been living in southern Spain for a year now where my husband works for an international hotel company which is why we get transferred a lot and lead the “expat” life. We were in Santiago de Chile for two and a half years followed by two years in Dubai, fourteen months in Montreal and now, Marbella.

Moving around and living in several countries has taught me a lot about different ways of life and I’ve had many wonderful experiences and a few dreadful ones as well. Writing about them will be a good way to relive those moments and keep a record of the years that have gone by.

Hopefully, this will also lead the reader to some hotel and restaurant discoveries and their own gourmet travel experiences.

6 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. It was an eye opening experience. I went with the University Ministry to attend a conference on poverty and racism held by the Ignatian Solidarity Network then after that it was 4 days of community service. The first day was helping a church with their playground and yards. Then the next three were gutting houses in the 9th district. My professor wants me to write about it, so I’ll have a blog up some time in the next two weeks. By the way, I was cleaning my Favorites list and I stumbled upon this website I saw it in a magazine a long time ago, it’s a chick from Paris writing about food there. I thought it would interesting to check out.I have a few entries in the class blog but my personal blog has none as of now. I might just transfer stuff into my personal blog.Anyway, happy writing! I’m excited to read your entries so keep them coming. 🙂 ❤


  2. r.s.h. says:

    Hey Christina,I did check out your blog but didn’t see anything written by you yet. Let me know when you post something.How was New Orleans?


  3. Hi Ate! Kudos for figuring this out and learning how to post pics (!), this is what we’re learning in class right now. Good job! I have a blog on here as well, but I haven’t started writing in it. I do write blogs for my digital journalism class which is in usfblogtastic.blogspot.comYou should check it out when you can. 🙂 Hope all is well and as always a big kiss for Jerome.<3


  4. Thanks a lot Lena ! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I promise to post a recipe this week.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Roselyn,I am so glad you started publishing your travels and stories. It is interesting and very helpful for travelling. Great tips too. So proud of you! Hopefully you will place your receipies too pretty soon!Lena


  6. Roselyn,I am so happy to read this wonderful and interesting web site. So proud of you! It is much fun to read your articles and really it is very helpful. Hope you can place some special recepies soon!Lena


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