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Our favorite breakfast place last year, Celetto, closed their Recoleta branch on the corner of Ave. Alvear and Montevideo so we had to find another place nearby that we could go to for our early morning caffeine fix. Liber y Liber is a neighborhood cafe that is on the corner of the six-laned Avenida de Libertador and Calle Libertad hence the name.

On our first day in Buenos Aires, we decided to stop there for a quick lunch since the apartment was nearby and we were starving. The place was packed for lunch with locals having a quick meal and some tourists having coffees on the front terrace. We sat at one of the tables on the mezzanine floor and had a simple lunch of a large green salad and some pasta – fusilli with salsa rose (tomato sauce mixed with cream) for myself and raviolis with tomato sauce for everyone else. The food came quickly and was fine – nothing special but not bad as well.

The next morning, we had our breakfast there – cortados (coffee cut with some hot milk and foam) accompanied by the Argentinian version of croissants – medialunas de manteca (sweet butter croissants) and medialunas de grasa (salty lard croissants). I prefer the salty versions but on some days I don’t mind a few sweet ones as well. Liber y Liber was our daily cafe for a few days until we finally bought a few breakfast items and started to eat at home. The food isn’t the best but for a quick coffee, a croissant and some people-watching, it’s not a bad place to be.

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