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There are many firsts in life and probably the most fun is a first birthday.  Our daughter just turned one and we celebrated yesterday afternoon with a mini-party at home.  A few of her brother’s friends came by after school for some snacks and cake – delicious pink frosted (of course) vanilla and chocolate cupcakes from Cake Marbella along with a fantastic cherry, tomato, spinach and Feta cheese quiche for the mums.

While we chatted away on the terrace, the boys tired themselves out playing football in the garden.  Soon after, the birthday girl blew out her candle (with dad’s help), opened her lovely presents and despite the commotion, managed not to shed any tears.  Here’s to many, many more years and many, many more firsts!

2 thoughts on “Baby’s first birthday

  1. Fab photos of the cupcakes! We were very honoured to be part of your beautiful daughter's birthday celebrations, and a first, at that – glad you all had fun:)


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