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On our last morning, we finally walked further up the road to try out a place that had been recommended to us when we first arrived.  Farinelli is a modern cafe that opened recently and has, since then, been the neighborhood hangout for Palermo Chico’s stylish residents.

Walk quickly and you’ll miss it as its’ a tiny storefront accented only with the name on the large red awning shading its’ one wooden outdoor table.  Inside, it’s all red and white themed interiors matching the illy coffee they serve (a good sign).  Farinelli is sort of self-service.  First, you place your order at the counter near the entrance then try and snag one of the few tables, then you wait patiently until they come and bring your food over.  Service is a bit laid-back to say the least but friendly enough.
The breakfast we had was easily one of the more sophisticated ones for Buenos Aires – homemade granola with berries and yogurt, thick slice multi-grain toast served with the usual pots of cream cheese and jam, an Argentine quirk – jam for the few who want to indulge and cream cheese (aka mendicrim, the local brand) for the many more on a diet.  We also shared a raspberry muffin and a flaky enough croissant (not the usual bready medialuna that passes for a local croissant).  Music is sort of sixties pop (or maybe it was just the playlist that morning) but the place is bright and airy and definitely a neighborhood hangout.  True enough, we did run into a friend who lived nearby who was also having breakfast.  If I lived in Buenos Aires, I could imagine myself dropping in to Farinelli at least once a week for the illy coffee, the pastries and the cool ambience and maybe I’ll even bump into a friend.
Bulnes 2707 (almost on the corner of Cerviño)
Palermo Chico
Buenos Aires
Telephone: +54 114802 2014
*Open Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 to 20:00

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