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Saturday was another beautiful sunny day spent by the pool then we got dressed for dinner and went to Arroyo Hondo, one of our favorites, up the road to Casares. After a wonderful meal, we headed over to Purobeach for their full moon party. We had a few frozen mojitos, enjoyed the music and watched the lovely reflection of moonlight on water. IT was an early night and we were home by midnight.Early the next morning, we invited everyone over – a total of seven adults and five children to brunch at home where we had fresh grapefruit, buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup, creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, toasted English muffins, fresh orange juice and illy cappuccinos.

Right after brunch we headed off to La Playa Fantastica where we lazed around by the beach all day with the children and had a simple lunch of boquerones en vinagre (fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar) and a seafood paella with a jug of sangria. Another great weekend spent with family and friends.

8 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. joey says:

    I have no idea yet…I wanted to see her and the baby maybe next year, but nothing definite…depends on work, sigh!


  2. Thanks Joey! As you can see, we are major “eaters”. We had five small children sleeping over last night and it was a fun pajama party. When are you visiting Rosanne?


  3. joey says:

    What a great looking breakfast spread! (I will have to get Doodsie to do that for me if I visit her, heehee) And what a fantastic summer it is shaping up to be for you! 🙂


  4. We’ve been to Tragabuches, it is very good. I didn’t realise it has 3 stars. I should pay attention to these things! I’ll get back to your with a list of other places.


  5. Hi Amanda,I’m glad you’re enjoying the entries. Ronda is beautiful and it’s where the 3-star Tragabuches is (we haven’t been to that yet). Maybe you have some suggestions of restaurants I can try?


  6. Wow! Your blog is full of my favourite places and food! Sounds like you’re going to have the perfect summer. My husband’s best friend lives in Marbella. We have lots of friends up in Ronda too. I spent a long summer teaching English to a family we know in Arriati (just outside Ronda) It was one of the best experiences of my life.


  7. Thanks for checking in Cooking Ninja! We also had the most fantastic deep-fried lemon thyme bread-crumbed sardine fillets. They were excellent!


  8. mmm…I can smell and taste it right from where I’m sitting. Lucky you 🙂


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