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There are lots of places to have ribs in Bali.  The most famous of them being Naughty Nuri’s in Ubud (and the recently opened Naughty Nuri’s in Batu Belig) where ribs are an institution along with the extra-strong martinis.  On the long strip called the Sunset road in Bali, there is a large hard-to-miss sign of a pig for the newish restaurant Waroeng Wahaha.  We had passed it countless times on our way to Seminyak but had never stopped by until the father of my son’s schoolmate mentioned that the ribs at this place were very good and that he thought they were even better than those at Naughty Nuri’s.  That remark got me curious enough to try it.
The restaurant has a simple brick facade and is a large open-air space with mismatched  wooden tables and chairs.  Two counters on each side of the main room are decorated with colorful cartoon drawings of people laughing and pigs enjoying themselves (twisted humor perhaps but quite funny). There is also a large garden out back where a few tables are set out for eating al fresco.
We went on an early Sunday evening when there were a few clients digging into platters of ribs.  (we’ve been back since for lunch and the ribs were consistently good).  The menu is limited to grilled items and a few Indonesian dishes although the specialty is the highly recommended full slab of ribs.  We didn’t experiment and ordered three platters of ribs, including a full slab for our 8-year old son, with french fries (you can also have it with rice).  The ribs arrived hot off the grill and slathered with their secret barbeque sauce.  They were meaty, tender and spicy-sweet.  After polishing off our ribs, we asked our ourselves if they were indeed as good as they say.  Yes, they were.  I think Naughty Nuri’s may have found their match with Waroeng Wahaha.  They must be having the last laugh.
Waroeng Wahaha
Jalan Sunset road
(near Jalan Kunti)
Seinyak, Bali
Telephone: +62 361 886 9858

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