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Hidden away at the southernmost tip of the island in the Bukit is one of the Bali’s most beautiful beaches I have seen in the year since we moved here.  It’s rocky and not ideal for either swimming or surfing but it’s the best for that deserted-island-feeling which is becoming more and more difficult to find on the overcrowded island.  It’s a place for sitting quietly, watching the waves rush to shore and listening to nature.
On a recent afternoon, M, N and I had lunch at La Spiaggia (the beach in Italian)the Bulgari’s Robinson Crusoe-inspired beach hut grill.  It’s a short but steep ride down on the inclinator until we reached a halfway point on the cliff.  There a simple bamboo and thatch roof hut sits perched on the cliff overlooking the crashing waves below.  We shared a salad and N & I each had a plate of grilled reef fish, squid, lobster and prawns while M had the grilled tuna steak.  It was a simple but delicious lunch and the best part was there we were alone except for a few monkeys swinging on trees nearby, watching our lunch and hoping for some leftovers.

After lunch, we trekked all the way down until we reached the beach where a few lounge chairs are set up.  There is no music except for the sea, no fancy amenities except for a towel and a water-filled earthenware pot for washing the sand off, just pristine white sand.  We waked to the edge where an outcropping of rock marked the end of the Bulgari’s beach and on our way back, we disturbed a large monitor lizard looking for some lunch and watched it scurry off and up the cliff.  We reluctantly headed back up the cliff to sit by the pool but later on in the afternoon, N went down another time and saw several monkeys come down to shore searching for clams on the beach which they cracked on the rocks for their dinner, a moving end to a relaxing afternoon.
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Bali
Jalan Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin 
Uluwatu, Bali 80364 – Indonesia
Tel + 62 361 8471000
Fax + 62 361 8471111
*Open daily for lunch from 10:00 to 5:00
As the place is quite small it is only for hotel guests.   Call to find out if a reservation is possible.

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